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Our Philosophy

Heart of Gold Nannies Services and Caregiver Agency

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We know how important it is for you to make sure that someone you can trust is caring for your children and we can help you with that.  We are connected to one of the leading agency in Hong Kong that provides us applicants that are experienced and well skilled in taking care of children and, or elderly.  
We just start this new business in less than a month and yet we have already provide employment to our international applicants for our clients here in Canada.
You have our assurance that we'll give you a caregiver that is trustworthy, hardworking and educated.  All our applicants are carefully screened and guaranteed no criminal or bad records. 
You'll have no difficulty in communicating or giving orders with them for they can speak, write, and understand English.  All you have to do is have a word with us and we will do the rest. 
Our fee is very affordable and we give you guarantee of replacement within a year, with NO EXTRA CHARGE if you are not satisfied with the caregiver that you employed.
Visit us or call us now and let us help you.
Our application forms for employers and applicants are now availble for printing.  Please click on the link below and you'll have the application forms ready.  You can send it to us either by fax, mail, or scan it and send through e-mail. 
C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\HOGNS Forms.xls
If you are having difficulty in viewing the form, try to paste the link on your browsers window.


Alma Dridger, 5133 - 223 A Street, Langley, B.C., V2Y 2T9

Your kids are in good hands with us.