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Heart of Gold Nannies Services and Caregiver Agency

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On this page we will list and describe our different activities for the children.



Our daycare provides love for children one year old to school age. Our toddler’s are classified into two categories, which are first toddlers and second toddlers. First toddlers are kids under 1 year old to 2 years old while the second toddlers are kinds from 25 months old to 3 years old. Thirty-six (36) months and older are considered pre-school kids.

Our daily activities focus on child’s minding, listening skills, creative play indoors and outdoors, art works and crafts, identification of letters and numbers, story telling, singing and fun games. We also serve nutritious meals and naptime in their daily activity, as we want them to be alert and healthy. Educational outing is scheduled too.



We are a licensed agency that can provide you a well-trained, trustworthy and efficient caregiver. Full time or part time, live-in or live out, we can work it out for you. We have a registered agency in Hong Kong that will provide you the kind of caregiver that you want. We deal with Filipina caregivers in Hong Kong and they are known to be hardworking, loving and patient. Communication would never be a problem between you and your caregiver. Filipino’s know how to communicate and express themselves in English. We will provide you with all the information that you need and you can have a telephone interview with a caregiver in your most convenient time. The choice will be yours but we guarantee you to give you only the best and if you are not satisfied with your nanny, we can find you another one with-in a year with no extra charge. So have a word with us and see what we can offer you.



You will see how great they improve and how eager they are in knowing the world they live in.  They eagerness they show in every activity they are part of like, music, art, building blocks, and out door play.  We will provide you copies of the art activities your children made.  It is there pride and joy and yours to so it is just right for you to have and keep them. 


Individual and group activities are essential in kids learning and growing process. Group activities develop their communication skills and their ability to express themselves freely. All activities are design to be a play like ones so it work appear to them as a task that they need to accomplish. Child friendly materials are available for hands-on activities, which would help the children to explore their talent and become more independent. This will also help them to concentrate more and develop their eye-hand coordination as they unknowingly yet curiously focused in solving their activity.

One of the things children love to do is singing and dancing. In singing, we incorporate dance steps or body movements into the rhythm which makes children happy and eager to do the task.

Eye and hand coordination is an essential in child’s life. We at Heart of Gold Nannies Services prepare activities such as building blocks, easy math problems to practice and develop their eye and hand coordination.

All these activities and more will surely help your child develop the natural and proper way.



Most of the younger children finger paint, draw with crayons, and play with papier mache. These activities teach creativity, which helps a child in all aspects of his/her life.


Heart of Gold Nannies Services / 5133 - 233A Street, Lnagley, B.C., V2Y 2T9

Your kids are in good hands with us.